Physical expansion and branches

Physical expansion and branches
Physical expansion and branches

Currently, the main office has been established in Tehran and the second branch in Toronto Canada.

After 5 years of cooperation with the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute which is a sub branch of Agriculture Ministry in order to investigate and review the process of cultivating Kinoa in Iran, we succeeded in producing 3 types of Quinoa seeds for production in Iran. we intend to investigate and produce Quinoa in Canada using scientific experiments and achievements, and the primary research done in planting fields and the climate in Canada.

We annually deal with two specialized food labs for testing and reviewing the quality of products and their nutritive value.

To focus on trading and marketing programs, we put the packaging of products outsourcing into two specialized factories equipped with full-automatic devices that have the necessary standards of the Ministry of Health.

According to the Business Development Program, we plan to establish a branch in London, England under the management of a member of the board and after that a branch in Frankfurt Germany.

Our goal is to supply the best quality organic products for our dear consumers.

Trade cooperation agreement with the Bolivian ambassador to Iran
Andesquinoa family
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