About us

About us
Introduction of Company

Salamat Avarandegan Vanda Company started its activities in August 2015. Our goal as the founder and the first importer of Quinoa and Chia Seed Organic and their products in Iran’s Food Industry, under the commercial brand ‘AndesQuinoa’, was to promote both healthy lifestyles and nutritional health in Iran. We considere the top organic international standards in importing organic products with high nutritional values.


Quinoa has been cultivated more than 5,000 years at high altitudes of Andes mountains in Bolivia and Peru.  FAO, with the aim to advertise the nutritive value of Quinoa, named the year 2013, “the International Year of Quinoa”.


 We believe Quinoa is a quality product that can provide health and food security in the world. Therefore; we stepped up as a team, with love and passion in this direction.


We are honored to produce healthy products with the “sustainable development approach” and “high nutritional value approach” quality meeting with international standards”. By employing cutting-edge technology, we try to consider the health of community both in Iran and target export markets to fulfil the current and future needs of stakeholders.  Our team is consisted of educated, committed, innovative and creative human resources who produce secured high-quality products while observing GMP in order to meet with customers’ needs.


Now, after 6 years of service which are consisted of supplying, importing, exporting, manufacturing, processing, packaging, distributing and selling; products of this company are available to consumers inside and outside the country.


Our trade in a sentence

Andesquinoa is our passion to promote health, food security and raise nutritive value thanks to the innovation in the process of production, agriculture, distribution, consumption and cooperation in the sustainable trade chain of Quinoa for people in the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to make Quinoa and our other products available to the present and future generation throughout the world.

We want to promote the nutritive value and health in meals in order to help the well-being of people thanks to the innovation in the production process, agriculture, distribution, consumption and cooperation in the sustainable business chain of Quinoa. As a stable and transparent chain team in the field of supply, along with the global network, we will expand our distribution so that Andes Quinoa can serve health and food security to all its consumers around the world.

Our vision

We are creating a new food culture and help to increase health with the goal of being the best partner for manufacturers, agricultural products merchants, distributors, consumer in the sustainable business chain of Quinoa. It is done with the provision and supply of health-based and organic products with the taste of home-made food.


-Communication and direct cooperation with farmers
-Development of industrial and up-to-date agriculture
-Production of quality Quinoa in Iran and Canada
-Development of culture in using healthy and organic products
-Extending the basket of organic products
-Production of organic products


Healthy food is part of our lives and we are going to provide families with it.



-Strengthening the sustainable trade chain that creates social, environmental and economic values ​​with transparency and mutual trust for all allies of this chain.

-Innovation in all enterprise processes (production, agricultural business, marketing, communication, stable trade chain and customer service).

-Creating long-term cooperation as a strategy in all aspects of fair trade chain.

-Making decisions and performing focusing on demand, which means what consumer needs.

Quality and food safety management policy

Salamat Avarandegan Vanda Company, as one of the largest importers of Quinoa products, has provided various products in proportion to various customer needs.


In order to attract and maintain customer satisfaction, also continuous and effective improvement in the quality management system, the following goals are considered:


1-Improving the level of quality, safety and health of products in accordance with international standards

2-Attempting to increase customer satisfaction and other stakeholders

3-Increasing competitive power and continuity for earning the most market share

4-Increasing the number of the products to the company’s basket and fully healthy and timely distribution of products.

5-Distribution of products in the country and expanding exports in many countries through representative registration.

6-Creating and promoting the culture of using diverse healthy and organic products in community.



Reaching these goals is certainly achieved by determining an appropriate strategy, planning and implementing efficient goals, also cooperation and participation of personnel.


Hence, Salamat Avarandegan Vanda Company, representing managers and personnel, is committed to meet with the provisions of this policy.

Services rendered

To have a quality product, our first step for getting orders and importing products, is to take samples from farms in harvesting seasons. After preparation and receiving certificates, the products are sent to specialized laboratories for testing the quality and nutritive value of standard products. After confirming the product, we attempt to purchase and import them under the supervision of inspection companies to give our customers the best quality product.


We distribute our products in gluten-free packages of 500 g, 1 kg and 25 kg which were packed by two sanitary and fully-automatic factories.


 Our products have organic and health certificates and have been prepared from high-quality .


Our products are currently:

White, Red, Black and tricolor Seeds Quinoa , Quinoa Flour, Quinoa Flakes, Quinoa Cereal and Quinoa Pap , Chia Seeds and Chia Seeds Oil .

Target market

For industrial use:

hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, hospitals, confectionaries, sports clubs


For domestic use:

Children, pregnant mothers, elderly people with diabetes and celiac patients, heart patients, athletes, vegetarians and all individuals

Marketing and sales

As the first importer of Quinoa in Iran, in the first step, we had to establish a culture of food among our consumers.


More than 1,000 articles, researches and handbooks were translated and provided for products to bring scientific and accurate information to the consumers.


We participated in the scientific and medical conferences related to the target market, such as Celiac patients’ conferences, pregnant women, diabetes, heart diseases, nutrition and diets to introduce the products; this made doctors and specialist to offer these products to their patients.

We participated in numerous and different exhibitions, in various universities, programs for introducing the products; this was also expanded to having our products advertised in printed and digital magazines.

Andes Quinoa uses an umbrella branding strategy by placing a name of a commodity next to the name of the company. This strategy allows the goods to maintain their identity and position, but also portrays the brand power. The purpose of this work is to strengthen the customer’s trust factor to the product. Andes Quinoa uses this strategy to introduce new goods. For example, Andes Chia , Vand Organic and Aends Fruit.

Dealers and distribution centers

Physical expansion and branches

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